American Association of Dental Boards partners exclusively with Promethean Dental Systems on Remediate+ Program


CHICAGO, IL, US, July 6, 2021 -- The American Association of Dental Boards (AADB) is excited to announce a partnership with Promethean Dental Systems to provide exclusive remediation services for the Remediate+ Program.  The 138-year-old American Association of Dental Boards was founded in 1883.  Promethean Dental Systems is a dental education company that elevates dental education and assessment using advanced technology. Remediate+ is a fully customized remediation program designed to help support state and territory dental boards in their mission to educate oral health practitioners who show signs of benefiting from additional training.  Services are provided to meet the customized needs of all state/territory dental boards. This new approach to remediation services provides dental remediation and assessments, powered by advanced technology.  Remediate+ is a professional-friendly service that utilizes standardized courses and assessments that are combined to create customized educational services to meet each individual dental professional’s needs.  All courses are fair, objective, and assessed accurately.  Remediation courses will be taught in a multimodal format and will cover remediation needs, comprehensively. Courses will provide evidence of completion and performance.  


Questions can be emailed to Tonia Socha-Mower American Association of Dental Boards [email protected].